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Worship centers in Bullitt County, Kentucky

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Place of Worship

  • Bethel Church (christian)
    Old Mill Road
  • Bowmans Valley Church (christian)
  • Brooks Church (christian)
    Coral Ridge Road
  • Bullitt Lick Church (christian)
    Shepherdsville Road
  • Calvary Church (christian)
  • Cavalry Christian Church (christian)
    Ky-44, 11829 40047 Mount Washington
  • Eastern Gate Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    North Preston Highway, 3699 40165 Sheperdsville
  • First Baptist Church Mt. Washington (christian - baptist)
    Snapp Street
  • First Baptist Church of Shepherdsville (christian)
    South Buckman Street, 254 40165 Shepherdsville
  • Hebron Church (christian)
    Old Preston Highway
  • Hill View Church (christian)
  • Hillview Assembly of God
    Majestic Boulevard
  • Jacksonhills Church (christian)
  • Kings Church (christian)
  • Little Flock Baptist
  • Little Flock Church (christian)
    Zoneton Road
  • MacDowell Chapel (christian)
  • Mount Carmel Church (christian)
  • Mount Elmira Church (christian)
  • Mount Washington Church of Christ (christian - protestant)
    Old Mill Road
  • Mount Washington Church of Christ (christian - protestant)
    Sunnyside Drive, 164 40047 Mt Washington
  • North Bullitt Christian Church (christian)
    North Preston Highway, 4265 40165 Sheperdsille
  • Overdale United Methodist Church (christian - methodist)
    Overdale Drive
  • Pleasant Grove Church (christian)
    Alpar Lane
  • Pleasant Valley Church (christian)
    Lory Lane
  • Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Church (christian - catholic)
    Old Mill Road
  • Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Church (christian - catholic)
  • Salem Church (christian)
    Zoneton Road
  • Shepherdsville Christian Church (christian)
    Lees Valley Road
  • Shepherdsville Church (christian)
  • Summit Hills Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Summers Drive
  • Sunnyside Church (christian)
  • Victory Church (christian)
  • Vine Hill Church (christian)
  • no-name